My name is Elora, I grew up in the French Alps. A place that really shaped my interest in everything that surrounds me, plus my love for art and colours.

Currenlty working remotely as an Environment Artist for Evening Star on an unanounced project, I am able to combine both my passion for art and travelling.

Influenced by  Ghibli films, Ukiyo-E, impressionism and colour therapy I like to create illustrations inspired by Japanese woodblock prints with a modern twist and a soothing colour palette. That experimental approach, imagining the Far East with pastel colours and the serenity that imbues the region, brought me an online following quickly growing, allowed me to work on exciting projects and to be featured in online magazines.

Well known for my use of a relaxing colour palette in both my illustrations and photographs, I am currently working on my first exhibit in Japan.

Similar to the true meaning behind Ukiyo-e: Iā€™m trying to convey through my art and more especially my illustrations, pictures of a floating, dreamlike world, that brings nostalgia and serenity to people looking at them